Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hawks 1 Humans 0

i was out for a briskish walk in centennial park this morning, rounding the back side of the lake and saw these two huge, amazing red-tailed hawks. they had passed me by and landed in the trees.

turns out they were in the same tree. strangely hopping towards one another. don’t know if they were mates or if there was about to be a fracas. i stopped and looked at them for a while and they just looked back and went about their bidness.

when i was a kid, hawks, crows, etc. were too smart and wary to ever be seen anywhere near humans. me and my cousin used to frequently stalk crows with our little daisy BB guns. futile. maybe they've figured out, more than we have, that we’ve all got to get along to survive.

or maybe they’re just looking for stragglers amongst our children...