Friday, July 20, 2007

Sekou Sundiata

[[Sekou was a beautiful man, whom I was fortunate enough to meet and spend a little time around when he was in town three years ago or so performing as part of Vanderbilt’s performing arts series. I caught the tail end of a Fresh Air interview with him today, and realised they were re-broadcasting it because he died of heart failure yesterday at 58. Looking for something to include here, found an amazing dearth of stuff when I Googled his name. Prompted me to write the fine folks at The Writer’s Almanac]]

why, dear writer’s almanac, is there nothing in the writer’s almanac archives or on of the work of sekou sundiata? he was wonderful poet, a gifted gentle man, whom i was fortunate enough to meet three years ago. he died yesterday, and apparently nobody has much to say about his living. regarding this i am curious and a little sad.