Friday, February 29, 2008

The right kind of McCarthyism.

In 1978, Bergen announced his retirement. Charlie would be
donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., to which he replied, “Well, at least I won't be the only dummy in Washington.” Only nine days after his announcement, Bergen died in his sleep after a performance at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

W.C. Fields: “Well, Charlie McCarthy, the woodpecker's pinup boy.”

W.C. Fields: “I love children. I can remember when, with my own little unsteady legs, I toddled from room to room.”
Charlie: “When was that? Last night?”

W.C. Fields: “Quiet, Wormwood, or I’ll whittle you down to a coathanger.”

W.C. Fields: “Tell me, Charles, is it true that your father was a gate-leg table?”
Charlie: “If it is, your father was under it.”

W.C. Fields: “Why, you stunted spruce, I’ll throw a Japanese beetle on you.”
Charlie: “Why, you bar-fly you, I'll stick a wick in your mouth, and use you for an alcohol lamp!”

Charlie: “Pink elephants take aspirin to get rid of W. C. Fields.”

W.C. Fields: “Step out of the sun Charles. You may come unglued.”
Charlie: “Mind if I stand in the shade of your Nose?”

Sam Berman’s caricature of Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen for 1947 NBC promotion book