Monday, March 17, 2008

We represent the Lollipop Guild.

My buddy Roger Clayton sent me this, attached to a St. Patrick’s Day email. Forgot how snappy these guys’ outfits and hairstyles were!

Couldn't resist a little Google-fest.

Was reminded that when I was out in LA, my friend Kim told me that a lot of the munchkins had stayed at this hotel in Culver City. The Culver Hotel. Understand it’s worth a trip to the bar, though we didn't make one.

BTW...if in Culver City, don't miss Tender Greens. Went several times.

Also, munchkin related, this blog.

“I played elves all my life,” boasts Jerry Maren, 87, who was one of Munchkin Land’s Lollipop Guild kids before playing a space alien on The Beverly Hillbillies, a Halloween gremlin on Bewitched and an elf in the 1984 Mickey Rooney holiday TV movie It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. “I played elves in numerous commercials—and also St. Patrick's Day leprechauns.”