Sunday, November 30, 2008


I’m piddling through one of my usual daily crosswords online ( and 54 Down is “rock band formed in new hope, PA.” I nearly dropped my virtual pencil! Any of you who do crosswords know there are rarely any musical/pop culture references more contemporary than Yoko Ono. Three-letter word “wife of Lennon,” oh, no!?

So this is just a shout out to Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo a.k.a Gene and Dean Ween. Congrats on this semi-achievement. Of course I heard they recently made a record for Rounder, so not sure what happened to their young weirdo street cred. Those boys must be in their late 30s now (photo is from the very early days, maybe junior high when they first met)

From a (uncredited) review: “Ween is the ultimate cosmic goof of the alternative rock era, a prodigiously talented and deliriously odd duo whose work travels far beyond the constraints of parody and novelty into the heart of surrealist ecstasy. Despite a mastery for seemingly every mutation of the musical spectrum, the group refuses to play it straight; in essence, Ween are bratty deconstructionists, kicking dirt on the pop world around them with demented glee.”

From Wikipedia: “The name Ween was a cross between the words ‘wuss’ and ‘peen.’”

Rock on Gene and Dean Ween...