Monday, January 26, 2009

Things we like: Kane Welch Kaplin

Went and saw Nashville friends Kane Welch Kaplin over at Southeastern Illinois College yesterday. They were at their usual understated, brilliant best. Hadn’t seen Kieran in a month of Sundays. Fats and Kristi are around here some, because they have a house over in Southern Illinois somewhere. Good little venue, if you ever find yourself in that part of the state, in need of some entertaining.

Catch ’em if you can! (Although they’re headed to Australia for over a month soon, but tell all your kangaroo friends) Tour info etc on the boys (and Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers and others) at

The records are all MIGHTY fine and available through most of the usual outlets for music purchase. The new one is even on eMusic, which has been my choice for music for the last few years.

Fats (and Kristi!) have their own fine swag available on their site I got a copy of Fats’ Hatch Showprint-printed solo record “The Fatman Cometh” at the show. Apparently not many left!

OK, so I find the term “supergroup” in general a bit—what is it I’m looking for, supercilious?—but here’s a nice blurp from the Irish press:
“In those three surnames there lies a serious bundle of talent. Kieran Kane is among the greatest living minimalists in Americana music, Kevin Welch is a master of the story song, and Fats Kaplin is the kind of sensitive multi-instrumentalist of whom songwriters dream. Ah yes, a supergroup.”
The Irish Times

PS—Fats has an excellent new album I got at the show called FATS KAPLIN’S WORLD OF WONDER. I think he just made a limited quantity to take to Australia, but track it down through his website. I hadn’t listened to it yesterday when I wrote the rest of this. Damn, it’s tasty!