Friday, June 26, 2009

Things we love: Maira Kalman.

Have I said this before? Well, can’t say it enough. Maira’s a rare and beautiful creature, we’re all better for her being here. Her eyes are always and fearlessly open.

I shamefully admit to only keeping up with her fabulous NYT blog sporadically, but a friend posted an entry on Facebook today, and I will endeavor to do better.

Her husband Tibor’s puckish spirit is still an inspiration nearly ten years after his passing.

If I’ve never personally recommended her book The Principles of Uncertainty to you, let me do that now. Find and BUY it here. I do NOT get a commission. If it goes out of print, and you don’t have a copy, you will be sad...and I will be sad for you.

Also, look for her illustrated Elements of Style (yes the drab, if useful, Strunk and White writing reference book), her lovely children’s books, esp. the ones about Max and Pete.

Viva Maira Kalman! Thank you.