Sunday, August 16, 2009


Used to go out on these frequent photo safaris with my old buddy Dan Brawner. Maybe start out with a nice diner breakfast, then off in search of any old funny thing, but the quarry was usually these changeable-message church signs. Finding a good one was a feeling akin to being a kid on Christmas morning.

Most of the earlier ones are on B&W film. Remember film, kids? Haven't been on many of these outings since life’s gone so overwhelmingly digital. Still get excited when I see one of the signs from a distance, hopeful that it’s a “good” one (they’re not all created equal, we always theorized that there was some central network, maybe even a website, that had stock ones. The best ones are clearly topical and the writing home-made).

Have recently started carrying my lovely new Canon G-10 almost always, but especially when I’m on trips, for just this sort of thing. Back to my favorite place to shoot...the street.

This one was in Newton, a small Illinois town, on the way back from Chicago last week. Not a particularly great one, but it’s a start back to a happy, familiar, lost place. Dan?