Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Juicy, my a**.

Are you allowed to say “ass” on this interweb thingy? Not the beast of burden, but you know, the backside of one’s self? One would think that’s one naughty-ish word that would’ve lost it’s oomph by now...

So, I saw a young co-ed jogging (or should i say “joggling”) today with Vanderbilt emblazoned across her bottom. Who would do this (without being paid)? Talk about your exploitative free advertising...and she paid good money for the shorts to boot, I’m sure.

I’m down with the kids...this is not a new thing, I know...but it seems to keep on going like that annoying pink bunny, with nobody ever questioning the sanity or tastefulness of the participants.

I mean if I were a young thing—male or female—with delicious posterior attributes, i might consider flacking for the right advertiser (but tastefully, of course) if they were to pony up sufficient dough. I would think my fine behind worth at least as much as some bus bench that’s just as likely to have a homeless guy asleep on it. (No homeless guy’s crawled drunk onto my buttocks and fallen asleep yet...and I plan to keep it that way).

And if you’re waiting for the word “Juicy” to ever appear across my derriere. Don’t be holdin’ yr breath.