Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things we like—Adam Snyder.

[[OK, Adam’s been my bud for a long time, so I’m biased, but his new record This Town Will Get Its Due is quite fine. Go get you one on CD Baby. If you like it, track down his other record Across the Pond.]]

It was the summer of 2003 and the power had gone out for the third time that season. Adam Snyder had been in Europe the last couple of years, promoting his first solo album. Now he was back in Kingston and his hometown was, literally, dark. Walking the eerily quiet streets at night, Adam could almost imagine it was 100 years earlier. Up from the waterfront through the twisted alleyways, the old moonlit buildings and busted up sidewalks seemed to echo with the voices of those who had come and gone long before. These ghostly sensations would follow Adam back up the hill to his own, darkened, 19th century house, where he’d light a candle and pick up his guitar. Eventually the problem was sorted out and the neighborhood blackouts became less frequent, but the spirit of those dark, nocturnal rambles remained, and This Town Will Get Its Due was born.