Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes On a Fine Day.

Congrats to my old buddy Roger Clayton on the opening of his new show, titled Notes On a Fine Day, in Memphis. More on the show here. Check it out if you are in Memphis in the near future. The show’s up ’til February 21. Nice picture of the family Clayton from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

(more from the Commercial Appeal)

Unabashed bunny boosters

Rabbit imagery is on view in Roger Clayton's new exhibit, “Notes on a Fine Day,” through Feb. 21 at the Beverly & Sam Ross Gallery at Christian Brothers University.

His daughter, Sai, was born in 1999, the year of the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, said the Nashville artist at Friday night's opening reception. “I use a lot of different things that appeal to me, not just as what they are, but also their shapes,” Roger said.

“Traditionally, we believe that some bunnies live in the moon,” said Roger’s wife, Rie, who is from Tokyo. “They make rice cakes. And rice cakes are white. If you look at the moon next time really, really close, you'll see two bunnies pounding rice to make rice cakes.”

“It's a lucky sign, so you're going to hop around a lot like a bunny,” Roger said. “And you have good fortune. You're going to be quick—a quick thinker or a quick mover. You’re going to be, dare I say it, soft and cuddly. You’re going to be attractive and beautiful, which is another side of the bunny. And you're going to be sensitive, too.”

“They cry a lot,” Rie said.

“The bad thing is you will be lucky with money, but you might not be good with money,” Roger said. “So, you'd better be careful.”