Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real Men Knit.

Nice little men knitting video I came across looking for information on Rosie Grier, who I always remember as a knitter from his appearances on Carson when I was a kid. Maybe he just did needlepoint?

Almost off the subject, I think I had heard this, long ago...after an injury forced him to retire from one of the most fearsome defensive lines in NFL history, Rosie was working as a bodyguard for his friend Bobby Kennedy. Walking with the pregnant Ethel the night Bobby was shot, Rosie was the first to get to Sirhan Sirhan, neutralised the gun and broke Sirhan’s arm. Too late, sadly, for Kennedy. Funny where the Google rabbit-hole can take one.

Tried to embed the video, but just got frustrated, here’s the link:

Manly knitters unite!