Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sir Dark Invader vs. the Fanglord.

[[Bought this off of Langford at a TAG Art Gallery opening where he and Paul Burch did some music—not knowing what to expect. Turned out to be one of those records that didn’t come off steady play for weeks. Tried recommending it to people for a while and was told it seemed damn near impossible to find. Seems available actual or digital in quite a few spots now. Google it.]]

“Jon Langford met Richard Buckner in the security booth at Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA where they had been chained together for their own protection. Mouths taped shut with duct tape, they communicated via primitive Morse code messages tapped out on each other’s foreheads with fish bones. The ordeal was brief but formative, and after countless power breakfasts and costume parties from Edmonton to Austin, from Brooklyn to the Bay Area, they fell exhausted into a photobooth and saw how fantastic they looked together in neat black and white rectangles and smelling faintly of eggs. They decided to spend a year in Sally Timms’ apartment making this album for release on Buried Treasure Records.”—Captain J. Langford of the H.M.S. Mekon