Friday, January 5, 2007

Things we like—Get Fuzzy.

A weight-challenged, good-hearted Canadian dog. A mean-spirited bastard of a Siamese cat. The funny, (almost) infinitely patient human dork who lives with them both—and loves them in spite of themselves.

[[Narrative from Wikipedia—how could you not love a strip like this?]]

Bucky owns a plastic bear named “Smacky,” obtained by his refusing to exchange toys with Satchel at a McDoodles restaurant even though each had the toy the other wanted (Satchel ended up with a plastic T-Rex, which he named “Smiley”). It is one of the few objects Bucky seems to care for. In one storyline, Fungo Squiggly demanded possession of Smacky to guarantee the safe return of Bucky's autobiography, which the ferret had stolen. Bucky tried to trick Fungo by giving him a “fake” Smacky, and Fungo in turn gave Bucky The Collected Works of Ira Gershwin instead of the manuscript. As Christmas gifts, Bucky received two other bears which he named “Cracker” (because “he's white”) and “Punk,” but they do not appear often.