Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things we like—All-Music Guide

For the music geek, or the barely curious. HOURS can be spent following band histories, chains of influence, who wrote what, who played what, etc., about nearly any type of music. Looking for something today, and noticed they have a new “Album of the Day” feature—today’s being one of my all-time faves Thelonious Monk’s Brilliant Corners. A great place to start for the jazz-curious, a must for anybody who likes Monk. I have nearly everything the man ever recorded, so I happen to think it’s ALL essential, but that’s me. God bless Monk’s rare and beautiful soul...

Oh, and there’s another of my personal favorites—
AMG artist I.D. P 219497. (OK it’s me).
Not a truly comprehensive list of the records I’ve worked on, but a start.