Saturday, December 2, 2006

50 things in a matchbox

Veering off the path a little here with a strange and wonderful thing sent to me by my friend roger. Something from the eclectic website of a guy who i think he said was an English musician. This appears to be a found thing, of which he photographed the contents. Probably belonged to a (rather strange) child. Of what can be read:

1. A numbered list of the fifty things in this matchbox.
2. A piece of human toenail (donated by my dad!).
3. A tiny computer screw.
4. Six staples, still unused and stuck together.
5. Spring from a wooden peg.
6. Section of garden pebble with a hole.
7. Suicide pill.
8. Letter C from Hangman game.
9. Hoverfly corpse.
10. Grain of rice (white, short, round)

can only guess what some of the other items are.
one man’s trash another man’s treasure.