Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I try to do the crossword puzzle most days. Something i started with my grandma Dede as a young boy. Keeps my brain exercised (maybe exorcised?).

Most days I also do the Scrabble thing in the City Paper. Today was proud to score big with “synagog,” an arcane spelling of “synagogue”—wasn't quite as sure about “rummied,” which i thought was worth a shot as describing what happened to you when you were beat at gin rummy.

It wasn’t the preferred answer. Probably isn’t actually a word, BUT, why not? I propose its immediate adoption. John Stewart, you listenin’?

In homage to the recently defrocked defense secretary—in fifty years when this generation’s children’s-children’s-children are still paying the bill for the mayhem in Iraq, and musing about the sad senseless thousands of lives lost, maybe they can think to themselves “Man, were we ever RUMMIED!”

Somewhere akin to “used as the Sodomites” and “bamboozled.”