Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stuff I’ve held.

My friend Roger is always sending me links to the kind of crazy and beautiful things you can only stumble across easily on the web. (i.e. the earlier “50 things in a matchbox” post)

This was a gallery on Pbase, an amazing repository of amateur and professional photos of all stripes. Called “Stuff I’ve held”—it was, as you might imagine, pictures of this guy holding all manner of things.

Little animals, things from travels, LOTS of fish.

The guy, Christopher Wheeler, apparently lives in New York and has a diverse range of interests, many of which seem to coincide with my own. Signs, street stuff, little odd things that most people don’t notice. He also has an amazing gallery dedicated to illustrators, cartoonists and comic artists, which is so large I’ve barely dipped into it. Again common interests...from Tony Millionaire to George Herriman.

Funny how the web allows you to “meet” all kinds of kindred spirits that you’d never in a million years bump into in the normal course of things.