Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Born this day in history. ME!!

Spending the day recuperating from some sinus nastiness developed over the holidays—

Participating in a recent new guilty pleasure...listening to an audiobook of an Alexander McCall Smith title “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate.” From a series about a forty-something woman named Isabel Dalhousie, who lives and edits a philosophy journal in Edinburgh. These books seem targeted more at middle-aged women—BUT let it not be said that I’m not in touch with that side of myself...

Also, just watched a very dryly funny literary mock-umentary by Michael Winterbottom called “Tristram Shandy, a Cock & Bull Story” with Steve Coogan of Alan Partridge fame. As good as Chris Guest at his best.

Just looked down and realized I had started this post—totally inadvertently—at 12:27 (spooky).

Happy birthday to me.