Saturday, December 2, 2006

What’s eating Gilbert Grape?

Watched this today after not seeing it since it came out in the early 90s. Largely because i had seen in Sven Nyquist’s recent obituary that he had shot it. Forgot that.

Johnny Depp was beautiful and young—though not fully come into his own as an actor, Juliette Lewis was wonderful in her squirrelly-i’m-really-deep-other-worldly-sexy-kook way, and freaking little Leonardo DiCaprio actually seemed to be ACTING(!). might have been just another teenybop movie, but for the brilliant subtle directing of Lasse Hallström and Sven’s photography.

Also an amazing supporting cast...including the ever-lovely Mary Steenburgen, John C. Reilly, and the ever-creepy Crispin Glover.

I must admit to wiping away a few small tears.