Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Archy and Mehitabel.

[[Great book from 1927, written by Don Marquis, a New York columnist, writing at the time for the New York Evening Sun. Written from the point of view of Archy, a cockroach, who in a previous life was a poet. He writes it jumping up and down on the keys of a manual typwriter, and because of his physical limitations, uses no capitals or punctuation. I picked up a 70s paperback copy at a friend’s yard sale, because it had a beautiful George Herriman cover illustration. Follows an excerpt from one of Archy’s poems.]]

i heard a
couple of fleas
talking the other
day says one come
to lunch with
me i can lead you
to a pedigreed
dog says the
other one
i do not care
what a dog s
pedigree may be
safety first
is my motto what
i want to know
is whether he
has got a
muzzle on
millionaires and
bums taste
about alike to me